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Ready for 2023!!

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Motocross Suspension

Snowmobile Suspension


Suspension plays a big role in the overall feel of your bike, the way it handles, and your confidence on the track. Having your bike set up perfectly for your weight, ability, and preferences inproves your riding performance and race finishes.


Enzo's revalve service includes complete suspension disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. Worn parts are replaced then modifications are made to the damping system.


When you get a Enzo revalve  you can expect the best in the business without compromise.  It is important to have all 4 shocks done with proper springs so the sled is balanced.

Our world class riders Blair Morgan, Tim Tremblay, Elias Ishoel, Jordan Lebel, Francis Pelletier, Brenan Mulvahill, Blain Matthews and Jay Mentaburry are only a few of our many top riders that rely on Enzo. How about you?



Your suspension is a very important factor in your ride - it needs to be serviced and inspected to ensure it is performing properly. Worn parts should be replaced at 40 hour intervals and contaminated fluids replaced every 20 hours.


Enzo's rebuild includes complete disassembly of suspension components, cleaning, inspection, replacement of worn parts (seals & bushings), and replacement of fatigued valving in stock configurations.

Often snowmobiling deals with severe temperature changes that can cause fluids to acquire moisture and then begin to break down internal parts. There are also internal wear parts that have a life span that, once expired, will cause the shock to perform poorly.

We recommend a rebuild service every year to keep your sled the best it can be.


Ski shock length modifications available upon request.


Many riders prefer this reversible suspension modification as it greatly improves handling and increases confidence.

2022/2023 Prices



*New technology for mountain sleds

We have been using this technology from KYB for our top snocross teams for the past 3 years with outstanding results. 

With the tension (Red) adjuster this gives you the ability to adjust how the sled sticks to the ground allowing the rider to be more planted and in control for the technical maneuvers. It also offers a more precise dampening control with the high speed (Blue) and low speed (Silver) adjuster.

Once you use it you won’t go back! It’s that good!

For you who are waiting on snow check sleds and do not want to wait for busy season,  send in a request form and with a small deposit we can prepare a new floater set exchange so there is no down time. Once you receive your sled, just send your shocks to us and after we receive them we will fire back your shocks within a day. 
Pro Performance

$4150 can + tax


Includes customized valving and springs for four(4) KYB C40 Shocks. *Centre shock using integral technology

Available for 2012-23 Summit X, Summit SP, Summit Freeride, Summit Expert, and 850 Turbo.

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High Performance

$2800 cdn + tax

2 x KYB Centre C-40 (W/Integral technology) and Rear C-40 Enzo racing Revalve and springs. Plus Revalve and springs on X package ski shocks. 

Customized for 2012-23 

Summit X, Summit SP, Summit Expert, and 850 Turbo.

"A" Kit

$1,700 cdn + tax 

1 x KYB Rear C-40 Enzo racing Revalve and springs. Plus Revalve and springs on X package centre and ski shocks.

Tailored for 2012-23 Summit X and 850 Turbo.


SP Upgrade "A" Kit

Available for models 2012-23

      $2,700 cdn + tax


Includes three (3) customized revalved KYB C-36 X package ski and mid shocks, and a more refined speed-sensitive KYB C-40 rear piggy back shock. (Springs included) 

"NEW" Kashima coated ski shocks for 2018-23 SP Upgrade "A" Kit

[as pictured]

X Full Revalve

$1,150 cdn + tax

X package full revalve and springs for all four(4) X package shocks.

Available for 2012-23 Summit X.

Available for 2012-23 Summit X.

Freeride Full Revalve

$1,300 cdn + tax

Freeride full revalve and springs for all four(4) Freeride shocks.

Available for 2012-23 Summit Freeride.


Summit X Expert

$1,300 cdn + tax

Full revalve and springs for all four (4) shocks.


Available for 2021-23 Summit Expert.

Summit 850 Turbo

$1,300 cdn + tax

Full revalve and springs for all four (4) shocks.


Available for 2021-23 Summit 850 Turbo.


Very specific for terrain use and style of rider. 


Allows more versatility with setup while supplying more detailed chassis settings for optimum performance.


600RS Full Revalve

$1,400 cdn + tax

Full revalve and springs for all 4 KYB C-40/46 shocks.

Available for 2012-23 600RS.

Includes Springs !!!

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Integral Technology

RMK 2016-20

$1,200 cdn + tax

Rear shocks now available. Custom KYB C-40 with Kashima coating! 

Limited Quantities

Custom Turbo Setup Available Upon Request for any Kit!


Take a look at what we have been up to as well as past and current members of the Enzo Team and our Life Long Supporters.

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Our Team


Enzo Racing is a suspension shop offering Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, SnoCross, and X-Country services to both professional and amateur racers, as well as to weekend enthusiasts. We have provided top quality revalves and services to Canadian riders since 1997.

Tim Zacharias works directly for KYB Industry Company as a test rider, suspension technician and representative. He has over 14 years experience as a top Canadian Pro rider, placing 1st in Alberta Provincial Championships and 3rd in Canadian National rankings. Tim also works closely with Ross Maede and Enzo Racing in Califonia. Enzo Canada has over 25 years experience in the industry and has worked with almost every top factory rider on their way to success - our suspension has proven results! 

Enzo has the experience, knowledge and precision to give you the BEST racing suspension on the market!

Tim Zacharias shop
KYB Suspension components


Dirt Bikes and Sleds are very sensitive to chassis changes that can dramatically effect the handling. Enzo has a very strong knowledge in set up for all riding conditions. It is very important that our request form is filled out with as many details as possible so you get what you need.

Enzo Canada

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

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